Trans Talk 9040 Cordless Phone

Compatible with Definity, Legend, Magix and Partner systems.

(MSRP: $854.00) Call for pricing!

  • Access up to 10 lines
  • 4 line backlit display
  • 3.5 hours talk, 22 hours standby
  • Intercom, conference, transfer, hold, redial
  • Quick battery recharge (full charge 1.5 hrs)
  • Message waiting light
  • Vibrating alert
  • Feature programming access
  • Built-in jack for headset
  • Includes wireless handset, desktop recharger,
    standard duration battery, belt clip
  • Requires TransTalk 9040 Dual Radio Module for use (see below)













Trans Talk Dual Radio Module (DRM)

Required for use with the Trans Talk 9040 cordless phone. 

(MSRP: $550.00) Call for pricing!

  • Dual Radio Modules extend the range and allow the use of up to two 9040 handsets per DRM
  • Can be used as a single-zone or dual-zone in-building wireless system to extend the range to about 2,000 feet
  • Multiple DRMs increase the number of 9040 handsets per zone (maximum dependent on phone system)
  • An outdoor enclosure is available, allowing the mounting of up to two DRMs outside a building for extended coverage
  • Allows "daisy chain" configuration for connecting more than one radio module to a single station port