905 Cordless Phone

Compatible with Legend, Magix, and Partner systems.  A multiline 900mhz digital wireless phone keeps you in touch when you're moving around the office.

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  • Fully integrated with Merlin and Partner systems
    With Merlin systems:  supports 1 or 2 intercoms and 3 or 4 outside lines depending on system
    With Partner systems:  supports 2 intercoms and 3 outside lines
  • Digital 900mhz
  • 125 foot range in the average business environment
  • Up to 4 simultaneous users per zone, base stations kept at a 10 feet apart
  • Alphanumeric display showing date, dialed number and calling party
  • 5 buttons for line, intercom or programmed features
  • 6 hours talk, 72 hours standby
  • Intercom, conference, transfer, hold, redial, recall, mute
  • Message waiting light, Caller ID
  • Page handset locator