TN2224 24 Port Digital
Interfaces to 24 2-wire digital voice terminals

TN793B 24 Port Analog
Supports 24 analog voice terminals


TN2181 16 Port Digital
Interfaces to 16 2-wire digital voice terminals

TN746B 16 Port Analog
Interfaces Definity ECS to 16 analog voice terminals


TN754C 8 Port Digital
Interfaces to 8 4-wire digital voice terminals

TN747B 8 Port CO
Interfaces Definity with 8 CO trunks


TN763D 4 Port Aux
Interfaces 4 on-premise devices

TN753 8 Trunk DID
Add 8 DID trunks


Add DS1 and ISDN PRI

TN464GP Universal DS1/ISDN
Adds domestic/international capable DS1 and ISDN PRI


120A Integrated CSU
CSU for TN767E and TN464