TN754C 8 Port Digital Station Circuit Card

Interfaces to 8 4-wire digital voice terminals.

(MSRP: $2,014.00) Call for pricing!

  • Interfaces the Definity System or System 75 to 8 voice terminals (7400 Series digital voice terminals, 8400 Series digital voice terminals [Note: 8400 Series voice terminals can also be connected to Definity 16 port and 24 port 2-wire circuit cards], 302B1 and 302C Attendant Consoles, Processor Data Modules, Trunk Data Modules or 3270 Data Modules) for use over Digital Communications Protocol Links
  • Supports 3,400 feet for Phantom-powered voice terminals and 5,000 feet for locally-powered 7400 and 8400 Series voice terminals using 24-guage wire
  • Supports voice terminals in the same building as your Definity System or System 75 or IROB (with line protection)
  • Required when adding 4-wire digital voice and data terminals