Definity BCS Processor

The BCS is designed to meet your needs long into the future. It is expandable from the smallest configuration of about 40 stations up to 25,000 stations. Definity's are designed with ultra-reliable architecture and manufactured with award winning quality standards proven in thousands of installations. It will keep your business at the top of the communications industry with the best performance necessary to improve productivity.

Pricing is not available here due to the extensive technological capabilities which need to be configured specifically for your system and needs.

Please call for system and configuration specific information and pricing!

Definity Processors networking capabilities allow offices as far as 100 miles apart to operate as one, so multiple locations can share system features and facilities more efficiently. Systems management capabilities, designed into the Definity System G3, help systems administrators manage more effectively. Products such as the new G3 management applications make operations, maintenance and administration easier as well as less time and training intensive.

Definity BCS Processors' Desktop Support for the entire Definity System product line is provided with a full line of phones, such as the 8500 ISDN series that offer a variety of sophisticated feature terminals.