Definity Voice Mail

Definity Audix is available to Definity system customers all over the globe and can be programmed to greet callers in many languages.  It is also TDD-compatible.

Intuity Audix integrates and delivers voice, fax and email messages by phone or LAN-connected PC.

Please call for system and configuration specific information and pricing!


Definity Audix

  • Handles 30 to 2,000 subscribers with separate voice mail boxes
  • Stores 5 to 100 hours of messages
  • Enables callers to reach office extensions just by using your phone keypad to enter the letters of an employee's name
  • Gives callers a choice of over 30 languages, including French Canadian, Latin American Spanish, French and many more
  • Investment protection maintains features, ports and storage capacity if you migrate to the top of the line Intuity Audix System

Intuity Audix

  • Messaging tools such as voice mail, call answer and Automated Attendant services handle and route incoming calls and messages
  • Multimedia capabilities incorporate voice, fax and email into one mailbox and make it accessible by a touch-tone phone
  • A variety of options including Fax Messaging, Message Manager, Email integration and digital networking
  • Multiple language support, including English, Latin American Spanish, Castilian Spanish, Canadian French, European French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese