Voice Mail for the mid-sized office.  Fully compatible with Definity, Legend, Magix and Partner phone systems.

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  • Compatible with Partner systems:
    Partner Plus Release 3.1 and higher
    Partner II Release 3.0 and higher
    Partner ACS Release 1.0 and higher
    Partner Endeavor (ECS) Release 1.0 and higher
  • Compatible with Definity systems:
    Definity G3 v6.4 and higher
  • Compatible with Legend Release 2.0 systems and higher
  • 2 Port to 24 Port configurations
  • 10,000 mailboxes
  • 130 hours of minimum storage
  • Message notification via lamp
  • Scheduled notification to 3 pager or telephone numbers on urgent or all messages
  • Direct page to pagers
  • New user self enrollment tutorial
  • Mailbox name recording and personal greeting
  • Personal and system-wide distribution lists
  • Undelete messages
  • Interview boxes
  • Call screening
  • Automated Attendant: single digit dialing system menus, unlimited menu trees, informational mailboxes, day and night greeting by schedule, holiday or emergency greeting, multiple dial by name directories, off-premise transfer via Centrex (on Partner), fax detection and routing
  • Administration programming by touch-tone, PC, remote screen/keyboard
  • Software for factory remote maintenance
  • and much more...