MD110 PBX Communications System

Based on modular and distributed architecture, the MD110 provides the foundation for a network that supports voice, data and multimedia applications.  Because of it's distributed architecture, the MD110 provides a high degree of fault tolerance and excellent scalability, from 100 to 20,000 or more users in an office, campus or enterprise environment.  The basic module of the MD110 is the Line Interface Module (LIM).  Each LIM is totally self-supporting since it is equipped with it's own processor, software, switching and device units, such as extensions and trunks.

An MD110 system can consist of one LIM in a stand-alone configuration or several interconnected LIMs.  Full mobility is supported in any configuration and across multiple locations.  In addition to the distributed system architecture and modular building practice, the latest MD110 provides benefits in terms of scalability, flexibility, reliability and availability.