Ericsson WebSwitch 100
Extension Gateway Model G4

Integrate IP phones to a traditional circuit-switched PBX.

Please call for system and configuration specific information and pricing!

The WebSwitch 100 IP Extension Gateway is a 4-port VoIP device (G4) that enables small-to-mid-size enterprises to easily integrate wired and wireless IP phones as well as PC-as-phone applications into a traditional circuit-switched PBX environment.  The G4 simply connects to the analog extension ports of the existing PBX to offer VoIP gateway services.
  • 4 analog ports: RJ-11 connectors for FXO ports
  • One serial port: 9-pin Mini-DIN connector, RS232 coompatible
  • One DC input jack: 6-pin Mini-DIN connector, 12VDC + - 5%
  • One 10BaseT port: Standard RJ-45 10BaseT connector