Ericsson WebSwitch 100
Phone Gateway

Connect traditional analog phones and faxes to the corporate network.

Please call for system and configuration specific information and pricing!

The WebSwitch 100 Phone Gateway is a 2 or 4-port VoIP access device that enables small-to-mid-size enterprises to connect traditional analog phones and faxes to the LAN, and uses the corporate IP network to offer voice services, DHCP support, Caller ID and message waiting indicator depending on the software version.  Each unit comes complete with a motherboard-containing processor, memory, DSP resources and Flash-PROM.  The WebSwitch 100 is equipped with an external 100/220VAC power adapter providing 12VDC.
  • 2 or 4 analog ports: RJ-11 connectors for FXS ports
  • One DC input jack: 6-pin Mini-DIN connector, 12VDC + - 5%
  • One 10BaseT port: Standard RJ-45 10BaseT connector