Ericsson WebSwitch 2000 v3.0

A feature-rich IP telephony platform that allows businesses to reap the benefits of converging voice with data and wireless applications onto a single communications infrastructure.

Please call for system and configuration specific information and pricing!

The WebSwitch 2000 offers business-class voice services on a real-time operating system, and key features such as Voice Mail, Automated Attendant and Call Logging.  Also provided are Unified Messaging, CTI and WLAN applications.  The D.N.A. Application Suite for the WebSwitch 2000, OneBox UM Lite and Phone Manager are value-add applications, complementing the WebSwitch platform to offer a complete voice communication solution.  In addition, the built-in support for IP telephony offers various levels of interoperability for many H.323 compliant gateways, gatekeepers and IP terminals.  Ericsson's Windows-based Net Manager application, along with support for SNMP, ensures easy implementation and simplified maintenance of the WebSwitch 2000 in an all-familiar data environment.

In combination with peripherals such as the Ericsson Dialog 3413 IP Phone and the WebSwitch 100 Phone Gateway, Ericsson's WebSwitch 2000 sets the standard for business quality IP telephony.

Standard Configuration

  • WebSwitch 2000
  • WebSwitch Net Manager Application
  • WebSwitch Phone Manager Application
  • Integrated Voice Mail
  • Integrated Automated Attendant
  • Weblink plug-in to support CSTA/TAPI/TSAPI compliant CTI applications
  • Support for standard H.323 compliant gateways and gatekeepers as well as H.323 compliant terminals and PC-as-phone applications
  • Support for multiple language settings

WebSwitch 2000 Add-On Applications
(optional applications which may be integrated with the WebSwitch 2000)

  • OneBox UM Lite
  • D.N.A. Application Suite for the WebSwitch 2000: D.N.A. Directory Manager (DMG) and D.N.A. Operator Workstation (OWS)