Magix Messaging 2.5

A feature-rich voice mail designed specifically for the Merlin Magix and Legend telephone systems.  Compatible with all releases of Magix and Legend Release 7.0.

(MSRP: $2969.99) Call for pricing!

  • Expandable from 2 to 12 ports for future growth and optimal performance
  • Up to 200 mailboxes with 6000 minutes (100 hours) of storage
  • Administer the messaging system through a display telephone (4424LD+ or MLX-20L) or through your LAN using a Windows-based PC and easy to use software
  • Language support for U.S. English, Canadian French and Latin American Spanish
  • Automated Attendant Service provides 4 automated attendants to answer incoming lines and present callers with a list of options (i.e. "Press 1 for customer service, press 2 for sales...", etc.).  Based on the caller's input, they may be transferred to an extension, played an informational announcement, transferred to a voice mailbox, or presented with a submenu containing additional options. The Automated Attendant Service can also detect and route fax calls.
  • Voice Mail Service allows subscribers to record and send messages, forward and reply to messages, listen to messages, return calls to internal callers, record their names and personal greetings, activate personal greetings, change their personal operators, change their passwords, set up outcalling, create personal group lists, change call answer mode of their mailbox, transfer to another extension, or designate message as priority, private, and/or request return receipt
  • Call Answer Service functions as a personal answering machine, allowing a caller to hear a personal greeting, switch to the alternate language if the system is configured in bilingual mode, leave a voice message, designate voice message as a priority or private message, transfer to an operator or another extension
  • Delay Announcement Service (DAS) provides recorded delay announcements for callers when calls are in queue for selected DGC groups
  • Easily manage and administer your mailbox directly through a LAN connection and your PC's Internet browser using Merlin Messaging's WWW.Messenger software


  • Clamshell required for Legend Systems or Magix Business Systems with plastic Basic Control Unit or plastic Legend Expansion Unit
  • Clamshell not required for Magix Systems with metal Basic Carrier or metal Expansion Unit
  • Requires 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-port messaging license card (call for pricing)